Web development

Everything from requirements gathering to design, development, implementation and hosting!

Custom website or just a custom ingtegration in your existing site.

Design make-overs or complete UI redesign.

CMS training and general IT refreshers too

Is your web administrator someone who needs a bit of mordernisation and training?

We can train your staff to get the most from the software and also to make sure they're following industry best practices too.

Standard vega training

We can show you around the vega UI and explain how everything works.

This is a good option for people just starting out and will save you lots of trips to the support centre.

Fundraising consultency

Our fundraising consultants will work with you to produce a tailored fundraising system that will maximise the benefit from your own contact database.

This is a good option for people who have a little more experience with vega and are ready to turbo-charge!